What is Vox Populi?

Good question. Vox Populi is a Latin phrase which translates to “voice of the people”. This phrase is posted directly above the House floor, to remind all of what our system of government is about. We are directly responsible to you, the citizen.

The House of Representatives is comprised of 75 men and women from all across the state. Every two years, you and 36,000 of your friends and neighbors vote for whom you wish to represent you and your district here in the House.

The Utah Legislature meets yearly in General Session, which starts on the 4th Monday of January.

Who keeps us in order?

Your representatives elect leaders to ensure that doesn’t happen. On the first day of the beginning of each two-year term, the House elects a presiding officer, the Speaker of the House. In January 2015, Representative Greg Hughes, R-Draper was elected Speaker of the House.

Each party also elects its own leadership.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please let us, or your representative know. Here’s a link to all the representatives, including how to contact them. We’re all over the web, so you can let us know your thoughts, or keep up with what we’re doing.

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