HB123: High School Choices

After graduating high school, one of the more exciting tasks was to choose a college or university to attend. Your choice was probably based on programs, reputation, location, and personal references, among others. It may not seem too uncommon to be able to choose your college, but what if you were able to apply this same decision to high school?

House Bill 123, Education Savings Accounts, sponsored by John Dougall, R- Highland, proposes that each high school student, grades 9-12, receive an equal, pre-designated amount to cover the cost of course fees for any public school, including charter schools, and colleges/universities

This money would allow a student and parent to choose which high school would be best for the pupil, based on those same categories mentioned above, and many others. The money in the student’s specific Education Savings Account could be used toward any neighborhood school, charter school, online classes, and even concurrent enrollment at colleges. If there is money left over at the end of year, the money rolls over to the next year for educational expenses, which can ultimately be spent on college tuition.

As students and parents are able to customize their specific programs based on the pupil’s interests and talents, this will create greater flexibility. For example, a pupil may take a majority of his classes at the local high school, but may add several classes from an applied technology college which fit his goals and talents a bit better.

The idea is to give greater flexibility to students to customize which programs are best for them, to further develop their talents and prepare them for college, and ultimately, their career.

(If you want to listen in, the Education Committee is about to discuss it. Here’s a link.)