Press Release: Press Conference Outlining Proposal to Place Breathalyzers in Bars

February 14, 2014

Press Conference Outlining Proposal to Place Breathalyzers in Bars

Salt Lake City – Rep. Greg Hughes will hold a press conference to outline and clarify a proposal to place breathalyzer machines in bars and clubs. Rep. Hughes will be available along with several bar and club owners in the House Lounge at 1:30pm on February 14, 2014. A question and answer session will immediate follow the statement.

The proposal would place breathalyzers in certain establishments and does not require a patron to check their blood alcohol content. Rep. Hughes believes it would be a helpful tool to allow patrons to determine whether they can legally operate a vehicle.

The bill would make any blood alcohol test at the machines test by patrons completely anonymous and voluntary.

“It’ll help people make better choices when they’re deciding whether to operate a vehicle or not,” Rep. Hughes said.

Rep. Greg Hughes represents district 51, as well as serves at the majority whip for the Utah House of Representatives.

Bar and clubs establishment staff in attendance:

• Bob McCarthy – Owner, The Garage, Stoneground
• Lisa Barlow – Owner, Silver
• Pete Grimm – General Manager, ‘Bout Time

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