2012 Caucus Positions

Before the 2012 General Session, the House Republican caucus agreed on a number of goals to accomplish by the end of the 45 days. They were to: fully fund education, reduce debt limit, address the structural imbalance, and defeat attempts to increase taxes.

  • Fully funding education: Over the Session, we passed a budget that not only addressed the 12,500 new students in our public education system, but we also provided additional funds for per pupil spending. This growth equates to 1.15%, which is roughly a $200 increase per pupil. We also provided school districts with funds that can be used towards increasing teacher salary.
  • Reducing bonding capacity: We reduced our ability to bond by $130 million. That came from savings on the Interstate 15 project in Utah County. Keeping our bonding limit low helps maintain our AAA bond rating, which few states in the nation can brag. Meanwhile, we’re still able to continue with a number of road projects that provides important infrastructure for citizens and jobs for the economy.
  • Addressing the structural imbalance: There were a number of programs using one-time money to fund ongoing programs. We used $52 million in ongoing money to rectify that situation, further stabilizing critical needs programs.
  • No tax increases: Despite a number of calls to increase your taxes, we were able to pass a balanced budget, increase funding for programs, pay down the structural imbalance, and put additional millions into our rainy day account, all without a tax increase.