7 Tips to Help You Ease Back into the Legislative Session

Lege Screenshot

1. As always, the legislative website provides video streaming of both the House and Senate floor proceedings, as well as audio streaming of all committee meetings. Not to mention a digital list of bill files. So grab the popcorn, and stay in your pajamas. We won’t tell.


2. If you do find yourself on the hill don’t forget, the Capitol Cafe closes at 1:30pm, right after the Senate dinner rush. But if you find yourself without a chicken wrap, supposedly there’s taffy around here somewhere.


3. Dying for a little face time with the Speaker, but can’t get an appointment? Every day at 1:45pm, join Speaker Lockhart and House leadership for the House Press Q&A, the video is broadcasted on both Google+ Hangout and Youtube. But remember, if you choose to Google Hangout, we will be able to see your pajamas.

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4. Inevitably, there will be more budding politicos than parking spots. This year take a chance on public transit (we hear UTA offers curbside service) or keep up with those new years resolutions and ride a bike(after all, there’s taffy around here somewhere.)

5. Find yourself in the middle of a midmorning saunter? Lucky for you, the Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst has almost 30 minutes of jam-packed budgeting action for your viewing pleasure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhfk-F97Tng&feature=youtu.be

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6. Make sure to liven up your Twitter feed, by following all your favorite Representatives. Here’s a handy list of current House members on Twitter: https://twitter.com/UtahReps/lists/utah-house-members. Because anyone whose anyone knows what Rep. McCay is eating for lunch, and where @UTPoliticalCapitol is taking Rep. King for lunch.

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7. Now if you’ve like what you’ve read, or just feel like trolling, you can find all things House-related at UtahReps.net.