Assembly of State Legislatures’ Meeting in SLC

Assembly of State Legislatures’ Meeting in SLC

ASL Utah House ChamberLast week the Assembly of State Legislatures (ASL) met in Salt Lake City in order to continue working to establish procedural rules to hold a state-led convention for proposing amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

While Article V of the U.S. Constitution authorizes states to call a convention, it has never before been done.

Over 80 legislators, representing 29 states and both political parties, came together to continue the process that has been ongoing since December 2013, when the group first met at Mount Vernon in Virginia. ASL is not considering or endorsing any specific constitutional amendments, but is ocused only on establishing the rules for a convention, if the states choose to call one at some point in the future.

During three days of meetings at the Utah Statehouse, participating lawmakers debated and amended portions of a working draft to address all facets of the rules needed to hold such a convention.

The updated working draft will be posted at, as will the date and location of the next ASL meeting when determined.