Utah House Republican Caucus Priorities

This week the Utah House Republican Caucus met and discussed our priorities for the 2011 legislative session.

Those priorities are:

  • Education
  • Economy
  • Energy

Education – Excellence, Accountability

Utah has unique challenges with an exploding student population; this requires serious solutions on the part of the legislature.  Excellence is about improving student performance and exploring the best possible ways to deliver quality education. Accountability means that the state, school districts and teachers must be responsible for ensuring the ongoing success of the students.

Economy – Business-friendly environment, No new taxes

Our great state has been recognized for its business friendly climate and for as leading the nation to economic recovery. We will continue our fight for sound economic policies, and low taxes that attract and keep businesses in Utah.

Energy – Independence, Development

Utah is an energy rich state that has been severely limited in its ability to use those resources, making it difficult to establish economic and energy independence. Energy development will create jobs in our state, pour revenue into our schools and will help rural communities throughout Utah that have been negatively impacted by federal policies.