Impeachment process, pt. 3

From an e-mail sent by Speaker Rebecca Lockhart on June 5, 2013. The others can be found here:

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Dear Colleagues,

This week’s impeachment process e-mail is a little easier to get through. I’ve settled on a number of quotes and excerpts that you can read in your spare time. It’s more of an overview than in-depth policy analysis. That will come in the next email-You’ve been warned.

Attached you will find:

• Congressional Research Service/excerpts from Mr. Charles Doyle on Impeachment Grounds
• Other various quotes I have gathered throughout my research over the past few months

Remember, we have no precedent for Impeachment in the state of Utah. This information is provide context.

I continue to encourage you to engage with your colleagues and constituents. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Speaker Becky Lockhart

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