Representative Brad Wilson’s Statement on H.B. 285

Cate Klundt
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Representative Brad Wilson’s Statement on H.B. 285
SALT LAKE CITY – H.B. 285 “Building Code Review and Adoption Amendments allows the legislature to make amendments to the 2015 building code, and requires the Uniform Building Code Commission to study opportunities to improve building energy codes not every three years, but annually. This change in statute will provide the legislature with more information, not less. This will make it possible for the legislature to adopt new building codes and energy saving practices year after year, rather than every three years.
“Unfortunately there has been a fundamental misunderstanding of what H.B. 285 does. This bill allows us to look at what makes sense for Utah consumers in terms of safety, energy saving, and environmental impacts not just every three years, but annually.”  Said Representative Brad Wilson.
“During the session I met with numerous industry representatives and I have continued to work closely with them to ensure that this is the best policy economically and environmentally. Heal Utah has not approached me to discuss this legislation, but I welcome the opportunity to engage in open and meaningful dialogue.”
During the 2015 General Legislative Session H.B. 285 was available for public comment both in the House Business and Labor Committee, and the Senate Business and Labor Committee. It was also heard June 17 in the most recent Business and Labor Interim Committee.