The Daily Buzz – Feb 8, 2018

The Daily Buzz – Feb 8, 2018

Today on the Hill

Today was Aerospace Day on the Hill! Schools and other organizations supporting aviation, including drones, came to showcase their aspirations for the sky. Today we also had an open caucus meeting to discuss additional funding for Utah’s educators.


During the caucus meeting, state leaders discussed how money from the budget cuts they enacted would be appropriated. Among the discussion is an additional $2,000 dollars that would go to teacher’s salaries. The state has already increased teacher’s salaries by just over $4,000, coming from the general fund, but because Utah pays teachers less than most other states, legislators are looking at adding another $2,000 to make sure our educators are properly compensated. Around 50 percent of new teachers leave the schools within five years, and largely because of the lack of pay. Lawmakers are hoping the additional appropriations will deter that trend.

Tweets of the Day

Tomorrow’s Schedule

7:30 AM Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Appropriations Subcommittee

7:59 AM Social Services Appropriations Subcommittee

8:00 AM Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee

8:00 AM Infrastructure and General Government Appropriations Subcommittee

11:00 AM House Chamber, House Floor Time

2:00 PM House Chamber, House Floor Time

3:40 PM House Judiciary Committee

3:40 PM House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee

3:40 PM House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee

3:40 PM House Transportation Committee