Yeah, We Did That – Week 2

Yeah, We Did That – Week 2

Increasing speed limits, opening the use of fireworks, and stopping people from “getting away with murder” were just a few things we did this week.

The Speaker made the rounds on the radio this week. She made her first surprise appearance on X96’s Radio from Hell show (a major yeah, we did that moment), and spoke with Jason Williams and the gang on KVNU’s For the People on Thursday.

We got some awesome talent from some elementary school kids performing an opera, found some live portraiting (that’s now a word), and discovered some clown wandering around the chamber. We also were called more hilarious than the Senate by Holly Richardson. Here’s a bit of proof, if you’re still not convinced.



It’s not all puns. We work. Really, we do.

HB44 requires the disclosure of the person paying for a push poll regarding a candidate or ballot proposition, and imposes a fine for those that don’t. It’s on its way to the Senate for additional consideration.

The House passed a bill allowing veterans to aware credit for military service. Sub 1 HB254 flew through the House and is on its way to the Senate.

Speaking of flying, the House approved a measure to increase speed limits along certain sections of Utah’s freeways to 80 miles an hour. HB83 made some pieces of the 80 MPH testing areas permanent after finding no direct increase in accidents along those sections.

HB81, sponsored by Rep. Menlove, addresses a public education campaign for CMV (cytomegalovirus).  CMV is an infection that can be transmitted during pregnancy that can cause long-term health problems such as: hearing loss, mental disabilities, and in extreme cases, death. This bill was heard in the House Health and Human Services and should be heard on the House floor next week.

Congressman Chris Stewart visited the Legislature late in week one. Here’s a report from the Salt Lake Tribune. You can watch his full remarks here.

We also made some changes to fireworks regulations. Let’s turn to the Deseret News for more about HB289.

Some bills can be difficult. Sometimes challenges arise that come down to deciding between two correct principles. This is the case with HB13. It will be on the House floor sometime next week.

HB93 is a bill that fixes some problems that may arise regarding double jeopardy when someone is pulled over for a minor infraction. For more, we turn to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Inmates would be permitted to become organ donors if the governor signs HB26. Current statute prevents inmates from being donors. Here’s more from Robert Gehrke and the Tribune.

Now, some scenes from week two.


See you on Monday!