Yeah, We Did That – Week 3

Yeah, We Did That – Week 3

We know it’s a three day weekend, but we know you have a problem keeping away from us. It’s okay, you’re not alone.

The big story this week was the granting of university status to Dixie State (formerly college). Rep. Ipson, who sponsored HB61, told the story of a “wild man” with a special connection to him, as well as the proposed legislation. Read more about the wild man, or see it from the floor.

By the way, the Dixie State name change was approved by the legislature, and the governor. Congrats, Dixie State University!

This week, an app for Android and iPhone were released that allows you to track bills, right from your mobile-handy device! Here are the links for iPhone, and Android.

Speaking of technology, the House passed a pretty cool bill. HB295, proposed by Rep. Derek Brown, allows you to use a mobile device to display proof of insurance, when asked by a police officer. The way of the future is here.

Congressman Bishop and his sweater visited the House on Monday. Watch his address here.

Financial Ready Utah, led by the Utah Association of Certified Public Accountants, held a press conference on the Hill to address the issue that approximately 40% of the state’s funds come from the federal government. Learn more about and listen to the press conference.

Rep. Jeremy Peterson broke out his guitar this week on the floor. He sang the social calendar on Monday.

Here’s your chance to meet the freshman representatives. This one minute videos will be posted throughout the Session. This week, Rep. Anderegg and Cox.

Have a nice weekend, everyone.