Yeah, We Did That – Week 4

Yeah, We Did That – Week 4

We’ve passed the halfway point of the Session, and only 483 bills have been introduced thus far. We’ve only passed 118, that means just another 365 to go!

On Monday, we will have our revised budget numbers, so we can actually begin preparing for finalizing the state’s budget. Rep. Mel Brown will be announcing them on the floor in the morning, so be sure to stayed tuned for that. Speaker Lockhart provides a few statements on what we should be looking for.

This week, Rep. Dunnigan spoke about cornrows and eyelash tinting. Really. He sponsored HB238, which passed the House Business and Labor Committee with a vote of 14-0-2. HB238 lowers the number of hours required to receive a cosmetology license, and exempts those who strictly braid hair from needing a license. You can listen to the discussion here

The big story over the week was over “gun day”. Several gun bills received their first committee hearing Wednesday. You can read more about them from the Daily Herald. Here’s a link to each of the firearm bills passed out of committees:

  • HB121 – Firearms Safe Harbor – This bill enacts language authorizing a cohabitant to voluntarily commit a firearm to law enforcement for a limited period. 
  • HB76 – Concealed Weapon Carry Amendments – This bill amends conduct involving the carrying of a concealed weapon.
  • HB268 – Substitute Disorderly Conduct Amendments – This bill includes displaying a dangerous weapon under certain circumstances in the definition of disorderly conduct.
  • HB211 – Concealed Weapon Permit for Service Members – This bill modifies the requirements for a concealed firearm permit for a United States active duty service member and spouse stationed in Utah.

Over the week, Utah’s senators made their annual addresses to the House. Senator Mike Lee spoke on Tuesday, and Sen. Hatch spoke on Wednesday.

On Friday, the House passed HCR6, which honored those who served in the Vietnam War, which occurred 50 years ago. You can watch the full ceremony here, or turn to this Trib article for a quick recap.

Also on Friday, we learned that no Utah soldiers died while serving overseas in 2012, the first in many years. In celebration, Rep. Wilcox and his mother sang the Star Spangled Banner, then the entire House accompanied them in God Bless America. We continue to be ever grateful for those who serve and their families.

On Thursday, Rep. Froerer held a press conference to address bullying and suicide in teens. Learn a little bit more about it by reading the bill, and watching this KSL story.

HB254 is awaiting one more vote in the House before headed to the Governor. This bill would require higher education institutions to award educational credits for certain military duties. The Tribune has this article featuring it. We’ll get to it next week.

This week, the appropriations subcommittees will begin prioritize requests. Keep informed at, and we’ll of course keep you afloat of the changes.

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