Business and Labor Interim Committee

The Business and Labor Interim Committee considers issues related to businesses, employees, consumers and others involved in the state’s economy. Safeguarding these interests involves balancing the need for appropriate regulation with the need to foster a healthy economy by avoiding unnecessary governmental interference.

The committee has legislative responsibility for six departments and commissions: Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Department of Commerce, Department of Financial Institutions, Department of Insurance and Labor Commission.


Committee Members:

Rep. Val L. Peterson (R), Chair
Sen. Curtis S. Bramble (R), Chair
Rep. Jacob L. Anderegg (R)
Rep. Susan Duckworth (D)
Rep. James A. Dunnigan (R)
Rep. Gage Froerer (R)
Rep. Brad King (D)
Rep. John Knotwell (R)
Rep. Derrin Owens (R)
Rep. Dixon M. Pitcher (R)


Rep. Marc K. Roberts (R)
Rep. Mike Schultz (R)
Rep. Jon E. Stanard (R)
Rep. Brad R. Wilson (R)
Sen. J. Stuart Adams (R)
Sen. Gene Davis (D)
Sen. Deidre M. Henderson (R)
Sen. Karen Mayne (D)
Sen. Ralph Okerlund (R)
Sen. Todd Weiler (R)

Study Items:

  1. Alcoholic Beverage Control Policy ‐ to study policy issues related to alcoholic beverage control.
  2. Occupational and Professional Licensing ‐ to study issues related to the effectiveness of the Occupational and Professional Licensure Review Committee.
  3. Motor Vehicle Insurance Minimum ‐ to study issues related to the minimum level of insurance  required to operate a motor vehicle.
  4. Revised Business Corporate Act Amendments ‐ to study whether to modify provisions  regulating business corporations.
  5. Grand Boulevards Corridor Plan ‐to study issues related to the Grand Boulevards Corridor Plan, which is a master planning effort relative to creating a first‐class entrance and exit to Salt Lake City.

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