Education Interim Committee

The Education Interim Committee provides oversight of, and recommends policy for, the state systems of public and higher education.

Committee Members:

Rep. Bradley G. Last (R), Chair
Sen. Ann Millner (R), Chair
Rep. LaVar Christensen (R)
Rep. Bruce R. Cutler (R)
Rep. Steve Eliason (R)
Rep. Justin L. Fawson (R)
Rep. Francis D. Gibson (R)
Rep. Gregory H. Hughes (R)
Rep. Eric K. Hutchings (R)


Rep. David E. Lifferth (R)
Rep. Daniel McCay (R)
Rep. Carol Spackman Moss (D)
Rep. Michael E. Noel (R)
Rep. Marie H. Poulson (D)
Rep. V. Lowry Snow (R)
Sen. Jim Dabakis (D)
Sen. Lincoln Fillmore (R)
Sen. Howard A. Stephenson (R)
Sen. Stephen H. Urquhart (R)

Study Items:

  1. Assessment, and accountability.
  2. The teacher shortage – scope, causes, and potential solutions.
  3. Teacher preparation programs.
  4. New methods of instruction, including competency based education and digital teaching and learning.
  5. Property tax equalization – methods to equalize the variation in school district property tax  revenue that results from differences in the taxable value of property across school districts.
  6. Education and workforce alignment, including studying the implementation of SB 103 Strategic  Workforce Investments.
  7. Performance funding in higher education.
  8. Follow‐up on items studied during the 2015 interim, including optional enhanced kindergarten  and educator professional learning.
  9. School leadership, including following up on implementation of the School Leadership Development Program established in Section 53A‐1‐1209. Click here to see upcoming agendas, stream live meetings and to listen to past discussions.

Click here to see upcoming agendas, stream live meetings and to listen to past discussions.