Government Operations Interim Committee

The Government Operations Interim Committee studies and recommends policy on issues related to the internal operation of state government including election administration, campaign finance, government ethics, the Open and Public Meetings Act, the Government Records Access and Management Act, procurement, the Governmental Immunity Act of Utah, bonds and budgetary procedure.

Committee Members:

Rep. Jack R. Draxler (R), Chair
Sen. Margaret Dayton (R), Chair
Rep. Patrice M. Arent (D)
Rep. Fred C. Cox (R)
Rep. Brad M. Daw (R)
Rep. Sophia M. DiCaro (R)
Rep. Brian M. Greene (R)
Rep. Brian S. King (D)


Rep. Merrill F. Nelson (R)
Rep. Curtis Oda (R)
Rep. Lee B. Perry (R)
Rep. Jeremy A. Peterson (R)
Rep. Dean Sanpei (R)
Sen. Lyle W. Hillyard (R)
Sen. Jani Iwamoto (D)
Sen. Alvin B. Jackson (R)
Sen. Scott K. Jenkins (R)

Study Items:

  1. Caucus and Primary Process ‐ Study amendments to the caucus and primary process.
  2. County Election Administration ‐ Study a county’s constitutional and statutory  obligations related to administering an election, including who should bear the cost of  the election.
  3. Election Day Voter Registration Pilot Project ‐ Study and evaluate the data gathered  from the three‐year Election Day Voter Registration Pilot Project.
  4. Governmental Nonprofit Entity Compliance ‐ Study whether the Open and Public  Meetings Act and the Government Records Access and Management Act should apply to  a governmental nonprofit corporation and to study the state auditor’s authority to audit the accounts of a governmental nonprofit corporation.
  5. Redistricting Advisory Commission ‐Study principles and procedures to guide the Legislature during redistricting.
  6. Elections Revisions ‐ Study necessary changes to election law.
  7. Sale of State Land ‐ Study procedure for the sale of state land.
  8. Voting Equipment ‐ Study policy considerations related to and the provision of funding  for the purchase of new voting machines.
  9. Veterans’ and Military Affairs Issues ‐ study the need for more cemetery capacity,  which is expected to run out in 6‐7 years, and to study the effects of HB 386 on the  department’s ability to obtain full Medicaid certification for its care facilities.
  10. State Auditor Issues ‐ Study various issues suggested by the state auditor.
  11. Attorney General Issues ‐ study governmental immunity as it relates to SB 233 and to  study various adjustments to GRAMA as suggested by the Office of the Attorney General.

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