Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee

The Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee studies issues related to law enforcement, criminal law and procedure, illegal drug activity, weapons, corrections, public safety and the criminal justice system. The committee strives to maintain a balance between public safety, victim rights and offender accountability and rehabilitation.


Committee Members:

Rep. Don L. Ipson (R), Chair
Sen. Todd Weiler (R), Chair
Rep. Brad M. Daw (R)
Rep. Sandra Hollins (D)
Rep. Kay L. McIff (R)
Rep. Curtis Oda (R)
Rep. Paul Ray (R)
Rep. Edward H. Redd (R)


Rep. Marc K. Roberts (R)
Rep. Angela Romero (D)
Rep. Earl D. Tanner (R)
Rep. Raymond P. Ward (R)
Rep. R. Curt Webb (R)
Sen. Luz Escamilla (D)
Sen. Wayne L. Niederhauser (R)
Sen. Daniel W. Thatcher (R)

Study Items:

  1. Death Penalty – study the costs and delays associated with the death penalty process in Utah. What options does the state have to make the process more efficient? What are  other states doing to decrease the length of stay on death row?
  2. Line-of-Duty Benefits – study whether the state should provide a line-of-duty death  benefit for volunteer emergency responders.
  3. Private Security Amendments – study modifications to requirements regarding the employment of an off‐duty police officer by a security company.
  4. Implementation of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative – how has the full implementation  of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative impacted the counties (jails and sheriffs) and are  the promised impacts materializing? How has the implementation of the Justice  Reinvestment Initiative impacted sentencing and the Board of Pardons and Parole?

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