Transportation Interim Committee

The Transportation Interim Committee handles issues relating to:
•highway construction and maintenance
•highway safety
•traffic laws
•motor vehicle insurance
•driver licensing and personal identification
•vehicle licensing and registration
•transportation-related taxation
•public transportation

Committee Members:

Rep. Johnny Anderson (R), Chair
Sen. Alvin B. Jackson (R), Chair
Rep. Jacob L. Anderegg (R)
Rep. Stewart Barlow (R)
Rep. Kay J. Christofferson (R)
Rep. Brad L. Dee (R)
Rep. Justin L. Fawson (R)
Rep. Michael S. Kennedy (R)


Rep. Brad King (D)
Rep. David E. Lifferth (R)
Rep. Carol Spackman Moss (D)
Rep. Derrin Owens (R)
Rep. Dean Sanpei (R)
Sen. J. Stuart Adams (R)
Sen. David P. Hinkins (R)
Sen. Karen Mayne (D)
Sen. Kevin T. Van Tassell (R)

Study Items:

  1. Unmanned Aircraft (Drones)
  2. Update on the Mountain Accord
  3. Update from the Transportation Commission on the impacts of legislation passed during  the 2016 General Session
  4. Highway Signage Issues  
  5. C Decal Prioritization
  6. Salvage and Branded Title Vehicles
  7. Motor Carrier Size and Weight Restrictions
  8. UDOT Division Description Review and Cleanup
  9. Driver License Amendments – DUI

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