Investigative Committee Final Report

This morning at 11, the House Special Investigative Committee concluded by presenting the final report on the House floor. The report itself is over 200 pages long, with 3,700 pages of exhibits supporting the report.

Rep. Dunnigan, chairman of the Investigative Committee, briefly outlined the final report and its contents, before presenting it to the Speaker of the House. You can watch the presentation, or read the remarks from Rep. Dunnigan and the Speaker embedded below.

The report is separated into four main parts: The first will detail Mr. Swallow’s conduct while in office; the second section will present Mr. Swallow’s efforts to conceal evidence; the third piece looks into other courses the committee investigated; and finally, the fourth section outlines suggestions the Legislature should study to change Utah law.

Download (PDF, 1.23MB)

Dunnigan told the Salt Lake Tribune, “the attorney general’s office is the highest law-enforcement office in the state and people have to feel like everyone is treated fairly and equally and that no nods or special favors are given.”

Shortly after taking office, John Swallow was accused of bribery, giving preferential treatment to campaign donors and failing to disclose business conflicts of interest.

This launched the investigation into the former Attorney General was approved by the House on July 3, 2013, and began hearings in August.

John Swallow resigned as attorney general in December of 2013.

You can find more about the about House Investigative Committee on its website.

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