Special Session July 17: Update

Over the course of the last two days Governor Herbert has issued a revised call, including three additional items for consideration, and a supplemental call for clarification. Below are two emails from Speaker Lockhart to all of the Representatives addressing the revisions to the Governor’s call. Also included below are all three of the Governor’s calls, as well as the bills mentioned in the following emails.





Today Governor Herbert revised his earlier call to include the additional three items:


-A joint resolution approving a settlement in the case between Deep Creek Ranch and the State Armory Board. As you know, it is the Legislature’s responsibility to approve settlements and related appropriations when both parties have reached an agreement. We will be updated on this issue during caucus.


-Amendments to licensing statutes for out-of-state investigators. This would allow investigators licensed outside of the state of Utah to assist a legislative investigative committee during the investigation of an elected official, or with an inquiry.


-The potential repeal of HB155, Utah Code Sections 53-13-106 and 78-6-512. This bill was passed during the 2013 General Session. Contact Representative Noel for details about this issue.


These items, as well as the changes listed in my previous email will be heard in morning Interim committees. They have been assigned to Government Operations and Business and Labor. We will begin the Special Session at 12:30 pm. Afternoon committees will begin at 2:30 pm.


All of the bills will be available for your review sometime tomorrow- I will send them to you as soon as I have the final drafts. I have attached both the Governor’s original call, and the revised call.


I look forward to seeing you and working with you this Wednesday.



Speaker Lockhart

Download (PDF, 482KB)

Download (PDF, 551KB)





The Governor has issued a supplemental call for tomorrow’s Special Session. The one item listed is a clarification of the scope of a previously addressed item on the second call. We will provide specific information to you tomorrow before we begin the Session. Feel free to call Rep. Noel with any questions.


OLRGC will be emailing copies of all of the bills and resolutions as well as a copy of the amended Call to each of you this evening. You will also be able to access them on the Legislative web site.


Thank you for all of your work and attention to these items. See you in the morning!


Speaker Lockhart


Download (PDF, 348KB)






Special Session Bills:



Download (PDF, 51KB)


Download (PDF, 29KB)


Download (PDF, 31KB)


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