Introducing @UTLEGTracker: the Newest Member of Our Social Media Family

Straight from the 21st century, we bring you @UTLEGTracker. All you could ever want to know about every official action of the Utah State Legislature, plus a little extra.


This session both the Utah House and the Utah Senate are beta-testing an automated Twitter account that will tweet real-time updates of legislative action. This includes, but is not limited to, motions on the floor, personal privilege, vote counts, committee meetings, committee votes, and more.


Each tweet will be time-stamped, include a link to the website, and contain hashtags that will help you easily track the legislation that interests you.


For example, let’s say you are interested in Rep. Perry’s Vehicle Emissions bill(House Bill 271), and you want to follow its progress through committee and onto the House Floor. Rather than follow @UTLEGTracker (and flood your Twitter feed with hundreds of tweets a day), you would search #HB271. That search will then pull up every instance Rep. Perry’s bill was mentioned, allowing you to track its progress at just one glance.


Each committee has been outfitted with its own hashtag, allowing you to track a committee’s activity.


For example, let’s say one of your New Years’ resolutions was to know more about the House Judiciary Committee. To keep that goal, you’d search Twitter for #HSEjudiciary and all of the House Judiciary Committee’s activity would appear on your news feed.


We’ve included an excel document with each of the House and Senate Committee’s specific hashtags.


As always, your questions, comments, concerns, funny pictures, etc., are welcome at @UtahReps and @UtahSenate. We hope you enjoy the newest member of our social media family.


Download (XLSX, 14KB)