Mid-morning Buzz: February 1, 2013

It’s Friday of week one. Hopefully you’re weaning yourself off the caffeine IV so you can get some sleep.

First, let’s take a look at what’s going on today, courtesy of  the Salt Lake Tribune. To hear any of these, log onto the Legislature’s website.

Also, come join in on our ever-growing Google+ Hangout with the Speaker at 1:45.

Here’s a few quick stories about our fun at the House yesterday.

Rep. Paul Ray’s Bill would help Utah veterans get college credit passed through the House Education Committee – The Salt Lake Tribune

Congressman Jim Matheson spoke before each chamber yesterday. The lights went off in the Senate during his speech. Fortunately, the House is powered by hot air, so it wasn’t a concern.

Bob Bernick of Utah Policy says legislators are still underpaid. We’re fine, thanks.

The House Transportation Committee approved House Bill 83, which increases the speed limit to 80 MPH in many other areas across the state. Maybe now Chief Deputy Joe Pyrah can get to work on time. Let’s turn to Lee Davidson from the Tribune for more.

Like we mentioned, Rep. Jim Matheson stopped by the House yesterday. We’d like to thank him for taking time to come speak to us.