Morning Buzz: February 3, 2014

We’ve got one more day of full appropriations subcommittee hearings, before getting into standing committees a little bit later this week.

While we’re on the topic, check out our easy guide to understanding the budgeting process for the state. It may seem overwhelming, but hopefully it will help you become a Mel Brown-expert.

We’ll be on the floor for about an hour this morning, beginning at 11. As always, it will be live at

On Friday, Senator Hatch stopped by the House to give his yearly address to the legislature. He primarily addressed the state of Utah’s work trying to gain access to federal public lands. Watch the recording above, or read more from the Tribune.

Reps in the News

UNPRECEDENTED: We’re linking to a Rolly column. Rep. Lee Perry was approached by an acquaintance, concerned with the recent events at Uintah Elementary. The acquaintance had written a letter to the school, with a $500 cashier’s check to cover lunch accounts that may be underfunded.

Rep. Craig Hall invited Bryan Schott up to discuss legislative issues, including election reform. It’s a 4-part series, weirdly. You can watch them here. Click through below the videos to move onto the next one. He also plays the lightning round, a series of “stupid questions” answered in 60 seconds.

This is a neat look at the history of prayers offered in the House chamber. H/T to Billy Hesterman.