Morning Buzz: February 5, 2014

We’ll be back on the floor beginning at 10am this morning discussing bills heard in committee over the past few days. These include camapaign finance amendments, and the use of severance tax (watch for more information on this later today).

Have you seen the online reading calendars? You can view what’s upcoming, read bills being debated and amendments as they’re proposed live, as well as the roll call vote. Pretty, pretty, pretty helpful tool.

Later in the afternoon, we’ll be working through additional bills in our standing committees. Here’s a full list for today.

Reps in the News:

Standard-Examiner: Rep. Froerer proposed HB105, which would allow cannabidiol (CBD)-based oil, a non-hallucinogenic extract from hemp, to be legalized within the state for specific medical purposes. Expect more on this bill a little bit later in the week.

Start your speeding puns. The Tribune zeroes in on a bill allowing UDOT to study and increase speed limits along Utah’s highways. This bill passed the House Transportation Committee yesterday.

Deseret News: Rep. Wilcox is working on a bill to remove the Zion Curtain, a partition in some Utah restaurants that prevents a patron from seeing alcohol being poured. A new report from the Department of Public Safety is due this week, which should provide additional information as to how to best address Utah’s alcohol laws.

Salt Lake Tribune: To be discussed on the House floor, HB39, which proposes to make all any aggregate donations to/against a candidate totaling over $1000, reportable.

Utah Policy: On Monday, Rep. Dee held a press conference with Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams to work on establishing a statewide emergency communications system. Dee said he hopes there will be a “single system throughout the state”, to allow officers in Logan to communicate with emergency personnel from St. George, if the need arises.

Rather than a gif, the Standard Examiner, via Rep. Cox, found a really great photo of Rep. Jerry Anderson. Enjoy!