Evening Buzz: February 6, 2014

We start the Buzz with our gif of the day, as an act of contrition for being so late. We’re sorry.

George Michael sad

Back to business. Made it through Day 11, which brings over a quarter of the way through the Session.

Now that we’ve made it through the first few steps of the budgeting process, we’re working through House bills. Plenty of standing committees, as well as a few hours of floor time.

On the floor, the House issued a honorable citation to the family of Draper Sgt. Derek Johnson for his dedication to the police force before he was shot and killed on Sept. 1, 2013.

Some of the hot topics from today included:

To see what’s upcoming tomorrow on the floor, take a look at our reading calendars.

In our caucus meeting, Rep. Brad Wilson discussed the recent studies and data provided by the PRADA board. This board has been tasked with researching the possible impacts of moving the Utah State Prison out of Draper. Rep. Wilson presented costs associated with moving and/or expanding, as well as the economic benefits of moving it. Here’s a more detailed report from Deseret News.

Also, in case you missed it, the Speaker and other members of leadership in the daily availability.