Morning Buzz: February 13, 2014

Morning Buzz: February 13, 2014

Lincoln’s birthday was yesterday, and we were surprised to have guy on the floor. Okay, obviously not the real guy, but a renowned Lincoln actor, James Getty. He recited the Gettysburg Address and answered a few questions. Worth checking out.

The House Special Investigative Committee held a meeting to provide findings of a hard drive that was thought to have crashed. The investigators recovered about 1,300 emails that matched findings from December. Read more from the Deseret News.

Rep. Lee Perry and Becky Edwards have been working on bills to keep voter information private. They held a press conference yesterday to explain the bill, which would allow a voter to contact their county clerk and have their data be kept private. The bill, HB302, passed the Government Operations committee 7-1. The Tribune has more.

If you didn’t catch it, we have the Speaker’s Q&A posted.

Reps in the News

ABC4: HB41, sponsored by Rep. Handy, looks to appropriate $20 million to replace old, diesel school buses with cleaner buses. The bill passed the House Education Committee 9-0.

Tribune: Rep. Roberts is in the process of drafting a bill which would turn off the water supply to the massive NSA center in Bluffdale.

Daily Herald: Rep. Nielson’s HB 101 would prohibit a person from “impeding or blcoking traffic” near freeway exits, and other specified roadways. The House Transporation Committee passed it 5-4. It moves on for full debate on the floor.

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