Morning Buzz: Lovey-dovey Edition

Not only is today a short day, but the Friday before a 3-day weekend. So get your fill now!

The appropriations subcommittees wrapped up their work yesterday. The subcommittees have prioritized their requests, and submitted them to the Executive Appopriations Committee for additional prioritization. The Tribune covered the Executive Offices and Criminal Justicecommittee, while the Deseret News covered the Public Education committee. This is not a final list of things being funded, but the priority according to the respective subcommittee.

Reps in the News

Fox13: Rep. Hughes is proposing a bill that would require all bars to have a breathalyzer. While it is not mandatory to use the device, Rep. Hughes says it would be a helpful tool to allow patrons to determine whether they can legally operate a vehicle.

KUER: Rep. Dunnigan is sponsoring a bill to better regulate the payday loan industry. House Bill 127, Consumer Lending Amendments, would require greater transparency, reporting, and leniency from lenders. It will be heard in the House Business and Labor Committee this afternoon.

Salt Lake Tribune: Rep. Roberts is proposing a bill that would shut off the water supply to the newly constructed NSA Center in Bluffdale. He speaks with the Trib about the bill and why’s he sponsoring it. The bill has not yet been drafted.

Deseret News: House Bill 250, passed the House yesterday. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Draxler clarifies language about the position of an elected member of a local school board.

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