Morning Buzz: February 20, 2014

Good news, everyone! We’re wrapping up today at 4pm.

professor dance

We’ll be starting with our early morning standing committee hearings, but we will be on the floor for the remainder of the day. Our first afternoon floor time of the session.

It won’t be all bill debates. To break up the monotony, we’ll be visited by Congressman Matheson (10:10am), the Jazz Bear and players (10:30), and a few mothers to receive a citation (11:00am).

Today is a Senate day, so we’ll be working on some of their bills first. Whee.

Rep. Hughes’ HJR6, which moves to authorize the Stericycle relocation to Tooele County, was approved by the House Natural Resources Committee yesterday. Many residents in the North Salt Lake area have been concerned over the plant’s potentially hazardous pollutants. The Tribune has more.

Sen. Lee visited the House yesterday. Read what he had to say from the Standard Examiner, or watch it here.

Reps in the News

Utah Policy: Rep. Handy is currently drafting a bill to show how Utah would maange federal lands if given the opportunity. He spoke pretty extensively with Utah Policy.

Tribune: The House unanimously passed a bill that would transition half of Utah’s car fleet to cleaner emissions vehicles by 2018.

Here’s the Speaker’s availability yesterday, in case you missed it.