The Buzz: February, 21, 2013

Session is really revving up. Today is the first day of being on the floor twice. One in the morning, one in the afternoon. You can watch live at

Yesterday was “gun day”. Well, and the day before that. And before that. And tomorrow. Several gun bills received their first committee hearing yesterday. You can read more about them from the Daily Herald. Here’s a link to each of the firearm bills passed out of committees:

  • HB121 – Firearms Safe Harbor – This bill enacts language authorizing a cohabitant to voluntarily commit a firearm to law enforcement for a limited period. 
  • HB268 – Substitute Disorderly Conduct Amendments – This bill includes displaying a dangerous weapon under certain circumstances in the definition of disorderly conduct.
  • HB211 – Concealed Weapon Permit for Service Members – This bill modifies the requirements for a concealed firearm permit for a United States active duty service member and spouse stationed in Utah.
  • HB76 – Concealed Weapon Carry Amendments – This bill amends conduct involving the carrying of a concealed weapon.

Rep. Kennedy was featured in our freshman videos yesterday. Here’s the video.

Sen. Hatch stopped by yesterday for his yearly address to the Legislature. Here’s a report by the Deseret News. You can watch it, as well.

The Speaker’s Q&A was not recorded yesterday due to some maintenance on YouTube’s end. Boo. We promise to get today’s up for you to watch, and rewatch.

There were too many puns about guns yesterday on Twitter. So as punishment, no Tweet of the day for you!