The Buzz: March 5, 2013

The Buzz: March 5, 2013

Day 35 saw legislators, press, and TV cameras squeeze onto a school bus, we talked about turkeys, and as always, worked on the people’s business.

On a compressed natural gas bus on the Capitol steps, a new measure to help our state’s air quality was introduced. In addition to Rep. Draxler’s HB96, which would create tax credits for certain vehicles including CNG, Sen. Adams proposed SB275. SB275 would start the process of assisting local and state entities of converting their fleets to natural gas vehicles. View photos from the event, and read more from the Deseret News.

Rev and Tax Committee really hit new taxes hard. Several bills that would have raised taxes on people and some businesses, failed in committee. Here’s a summary of the hearing from the Deseret News.

HB114, Rep. Brian Greene’s constitutional carry bill, passed through committee yesterday after a few amendments. A provision was removed that stated any person trying to seize firearms based on federal enactment would be charged with a felony. The bill passed through Judiciary 7-2. It now moves on to the full House.

Pacifica Institute visited the Capitol during lunch yesterday. Rep. Becky Edwards caught a glimpse of the event on her phone. Check it out.

We start on the floor earlier and earlier as the days go later. We start on the floor at 9:30 this morning, and tomorrow. As always, you can listen live on the Legislature’s website.

HB342, Wild Turkey Management, while sounding hilarious, is actually an issue encountered by our rural friends. Wild turkeys do cause damage to property, and this bill allows means to try and mitigate the problems. Think, you can now capture your own Thanksgiving turkey. Talk about shopping local.

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