Morning Buzz: January 25, 2012

Two days down. Here’s what’s the haps on day three.

The day begins with appropriations subcommittees. As usual, you can listen in to the committees at

The House moves onto the Floor at 10, and will debate a number of bills. These bills include a number of proposals put through from the executive appropriations committee. Here’s a link to the reading calendar.

Beginning at 2, we move to standing committee hearings, including government operations (20 House at 2) and education (445 Capitol at 4).

Government Operations Committee will be handling with some leftover redistricting work. Several county clerks have asked for some amendment changes, to ensure passed legislation regarding secret ballots is not violated. The Salt Lake Tribune and Utah Policy have put some pieces which will explain a bit more, if you choose to read up.

Just a reminder, in the House chamber at 6:30 this evening, the Governor will give his annual State of the State address. This speech can be streamed live at the Governor’s website.