Morning Buzz: January 26, 2012

Morning, everyone. Here are some highlights from today.

We begin the day with appropriations subcommittee hearings. These include both public and higher education. The State Board of Education will present an in-depth budget review in the public education subcommittee hearing. Listen in here. It begins at 8.

Here’s some bills we will be debating during floor time (begins at 10).

HB33- After hearing from a number of constituents regarding how disruptive large fireworks can be at 3 in the morning, a bill proposing to amend that law has passed through committee and now is before the House. The bill, HB33, modifies the time which fireworks can be discharged.

HB250- This bill alters the tax code to “allow a tax credit for a dependent adult with a disability or dependent child with a disability as part of the taxpayer tax credit”.

House standing committees meet today, with Transportation and Law Enforcement, at 2, and Government Operations at 4.

*Note: House Natural Resources Committee, Political Subdivisions, Revenue and Taxation, and the Judiciary Committee have been cancelled today.

SLTribune also has an overview of today’s committee hearings, both House and Senate.