Morning Buzz: February 12, 2012

Week four is upon us. The schedule for today looks like this:

Appropriations Subcommittees, beginning at 8 AM:

  • Higher Education (210 Senate)- The committee will hear the Governor’s budget proposals.
  • Public Education (445 Capitol)- This committee will be hearing the Governor’s recommendations for the budget.

House Floor Time, 10 AM:

  • ┬áHere’s a link to the 3rd Reading Calendar, where you can review all the bills up for a vote.

Speaker’s Q&A, 1:45 PM:

Standing Committees, 2 PM:

  • Government Operations (20 House)- House Bill 310-State and Political Subdivision Employment Amendments- This bill would prohibit certain government entities from making seniority a primary factor when considering termination.
  • Revenue and Taxation (445 Capitol)- House Bill 385– Sales and Use Tax- Seller Notice Requirements- This bill would require online sellers in the state to inform buyers within the state of taxes the state requires.

Standing Committees, 4 PM:

  • Education Committee (445 Capitol)- House Bill 123– Educations Savings Account- This bill would allow all high school students to receive a yearly amount of $6,400 to go towards tuition in any public school they choose.

Here’s the full schedule of today’s committees, as well as the rest of the week.