Morning Buzz: February 14, 2012

Morning Buzz: February 14, 2012

It’s Valentine’s Day. And what’s more romantic than settling in and listening to some committee hearings? Nothing, that’s what. Here’s some possible highlights for today.

Appropriations Subcommittees (8 AM)-

  • All of the subcommittees will begin final prioritization, and voting for their proposed budgets on their respective categories.

House Floor Vote (10 AM)-

  • House Bill 306– Disposal of Unused Prescription Drugs- This bill would allow pharmacies to take unused prescriptions to help curb prescription abuse.
  • House Bill 105– Official Voter Registrations Amendments- This bill would require that a county clerk’s office remove a deceased person from the voter registry once the Health Department has confirmed. *A new study was just released today saying that an estimated 1.8 million deceased person are on voter registries nationwide

Speaker’s Daily Media Availability (1:45 PM)-

  • This will be streamed live on our Facebook page. Just click on the “UStream” tab on the left.

House Standing Committees (2 PM)-

  • Take note that the Transportation Committee has cancelled it’s meeting today.

House Standing Committees (4 PM)-

  • Both the Revenue and Taxation and Workforce Services Committees have cancelled meetings today.

Here’s a full list of today’s schedule.