Morning Buzz: February 16, 2012

Morning Buzz: February 16, 2012

Here’s are some highlights coming up on Day 23.

House Standing Committees (8 AM)-

  • Natural Resources (445 Capitol)- House Bill 511– Eminent Domain of Federal Land- This bill would authorize local governments to reclaim lands that are currently federally owned, beginning in 2014.
  • Transportation (450 Capitol)- House Bill 87– Billboard Revisions- This bill allows billboard owners greater flexibility to advertise their client’s businesses on electronic billboards, and prohibits municipalities from enacting certain restrictions.

House Floor (10 AM)-

  • House Bill 90– Public Meetings During Party Caucuses- This bill would prohibit public meetings from occurring during party caucuses. This bill is proposed to increase caucus turnout.
  • House Joint Resolution 12– Joint Resolution on Property Tax Exemption for Certain Military Personnel- This bill would allow for a state Constitutional amendment excluding those military personnel serving outside the state from property taxes.

House Majority Caucus- (12:30 PM)-

  • Majority Caucus meets in the Caucus Room at 12:30 on the 3rd floor. The public is welcome to attend.

Speaker’s Q&A-

  • As always, this availability is streamed live on our Facebook page.

House Floor (2 PM)-

  • The reading calendars are available here, for all your viewing and researching pleasure. Now you can check out all of the bills up for discussion. Neat.

Appropriations Subcommittees (5 PM)-

  • Executive Offices (25 House)- This committee will wrap up its work for this Session, by prioritizing and voting on a budget proposal.

Reps in the News-

  • Rep. Todd Kiser has announced he will not be running for reelection this year. Bob Bernick has more.