Morning Buzz: February 23, 2012

Morning Buzz: February 23, 2012

We’re now 14 days away from the finale of the 2012 General Session. Here’s day 31.

Morning Standing Committees-

  • Natural Resources (445 Capitol at 8 AM)- House Bill 368-Abandonment of Forfeiture of Water Rights- This bill would prohibit the assertion of water rights by state engineers under certain circumstances.
  • Judiciary (20 House at 8 AM)- House Bill 161- Rights of Parents and Children– This bill would reaffirm parental rights in relation to the state and state foster care.

Morning on the House Floor (begins at 10)-

  • At 11:40, Rep. Wilcox and the House will be honoring Fallen Soldiers that have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.
  • 1Sub House Bill 298– Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Amendments- This bill would decrease the amount of safety inspections needed. Here’s more information about the bill.

Speaker’s Q&A-

  • This will be streamed live at 1:45 PM, on our Facebook page. (It really is fun).
  • Here is a link to yesterday’s Q&A, featuring Rep. Wilcox and Sen. Valentine on Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control reforms.

Afternoon the House Floor (begins at 2)-

  • House Bill 140– Vehicle Checkpoint Amendments- This bill would eliminate authorized checkpoints on local roads. Here’s more information on this bill.
  • House Bill 511– Eminent Domain of Federal Land- This bill authorizes a political subdivision to take control of federal lands.

We’ll see you tomorrow! Here’s a brief look at committees schedule for tomorrow.