Morning Buzz: February 24, 2012

Happy Friday, everyone. Here’s what Day 32 looks like.

Morning Standing Committees-

  • Government Operations (30 House at 7:30 AM)- House Bill 502– Incorporation Amendments- This bill amends statute by decreasing the amount of acreage, population, and land value needed to begin the process to incorporate into a city.
  • Revenue and Taxation (445 Capitol at 8 AM)- House Bill 299– Tax Revisions- This bill would propose reducing tax rates, including income tax rates.

Morning Floor Time (10 AM)-

  • House Joint Resolution 9– Joint Resolution on Monetary Declaration- This bill would express support for commercial businesses to create monetary systems that feature other forms of tender, including gold and silver.
  • House Bill 141– State Sovereignty and Rights of Set-Off- This bill requires that the federal government give the state of Utah, as expressed in the 9th and 10th Amendments, return the state’s sovereign rights.

Speaker’s Q&A (1:45 PM)-

  • This will be streamed live on our Facebook page.
  • Here’s a link to yesterday’s Q&A, featuring Rep. Butterfield on his vehicle checkpoint amendments.

Afternoon Floor Time (2 PM)-

  • House Bill 511– Eminent Domain of Federal Land- This bill authorizes a political subdivision to take control of federal lands.
  • 1Sub House Bill 298– Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Amendments- This bill would decrease the amount of safety inspections needed. Here’s more information about the bill.

Afternoon Standing Committees (4 PM)-

  • Education- House Bill 123– This bill would create students accounts for high school students to use towards course fees at any public school. Here’s some more information about the bill.

Have a nice weekend, and we’ll see you back next week!