Morning Buzz: February 27, 2012

Morning Buzz: February 27, 2012

Welcome to the beginning of our last full week of the 2012 General Session. Day 35 is below.

Morning Standing Committees (8 AM)

  • Judiciary (20 House)- House Bill 346– Amendments Regarding Competency to Stand Trail- This bill would allow for judges to consider all evidence when determining competency, including contacts around the suspect.
  • Transportation (450 Capitol)- House Bill 133 Sub 1– Vehicle Registration Amendments- This bill would allow citizens to choose whether to use a 6 month or 1 year vehicle registration.

Morning Floor Time (10 AM)

  • House Bill 395 Sub 1– Firearms Amendments- This bill would allow those who have been acquitted of a criminal act to not be denied a firearm.
  • House Bill 176 Sub 1– County Land Use Plans- This bill would create a process for a county the ability to use federal lands within their counties for other purposes.

Speaker’s Q&A (1:45 PM)

  • This will be streamed live on our Facebook page. Just click on the “Ustream” link on the left.
  • Here’s a link to Friday’s Q&A.

Afternoon Floor Time (2 PM)

  • House Bill 511– Eminent Domain of Federal Land- This bill authorizes a political subdivision to take control of federal lands.
  • House Joint Resolution 13– Joint Resolution Tax Opinion Question- This bill would ask the voters whether or not they would support additional tax to support the arts, heritage, and culture.

Standing Committees (4 PM)