Morning Buzz: February 28, 2012

Here are a few possible highlights from Day 36. 9 days and counting.

Morning Standing Committees (8 AM)

  • EducationHouse Bill 156– Public Education Program Amendments- This bill would eliminate some education programs to ensure efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

Morning Floor Time (9:30 AM)

  • House Joint Resolution 13– Joint Resolution Tax Opinion Question- This bill would ask the voters whether or not they would support additional tax to support the arts, heritage, and culture.
  • House Bill 148– Transfer of Public Lands and Related Study- If enacted, the proposed bill would require the federal government to transfer the title of public lands to the state. It also requires a study to collect information regarding the transfer of said lands. Here’s some more information about the bill.

Speaker’s Q&A (1:45 PM)

  • We promise we’ll be back on our regularly scheduled time, at least to the best of our ability. It’s linked on our Facebook page.
  • Here’s what happened at yesterday’s availability, in case you missed it.

Afternoon House Floor (2 PM)

  • 1Sub House Bill 123– Education Savings Accounts- This bill would create a pilot program that would create an account for some high school students to choose what schools they wish to attend, including charter schools.

Afternoon Standing Committees (4 PM)

  • TransportationHouse Bill 152– Emissions Amendments- This bill would exclude those driving electric and natural gas vehicles from needing emissions inspections. It would also eliminate the need that anyone driving a car 6 years or new from needing an emissions test.

Executive Appropriations Committee (6 PM)

  • This committee will start compiling information related to this fiscal year’s budget, to make a final recommendation to the Legislature as a whole.

For a full list of committees, here’s the weekly schedule. Or of course, you can listen in at