Morning Buzz: February 8, 2012

Day 17. Here’s the plan:

8 AM: Appropriations Subcommittees (some highlights):

  • Executive Offices (25 House)- This committee will be hearing presentations on the department of corrections.
  • Infrastructure (445 Capitol)- The committee will hear a review of the recent UTA audit. 

10 AM: Debate on House floor, bills on the 3rd reading calendar: 

  • House Bill 90– Public Meetings during Party Caucus- This bill proposes that no public meetings be held on party caucus days. It would work to increase public participation in the caucus system.

1:45 PM: Speaker’s Q&A, streamed on Facebook.

2 PM: Standing Committees (selected highlights):

  • Public Utilities (20 House)- House Bill 118– Storage of Electronic Records- This bill amends (decreases) the time a search warrant can apply to electronic records.
  • Education (445 Capitol)- House Bill 322– Higher Education Tenure- This proposed bill would eliminate tenure for some in higher education professions.

4 PM: Standing Committees (selected highlights):

  • Law Enforcement (25 House)- House Bill 129– Defense of Property and Person- This bill would clarify some language regarding protecting one’s home and family from invasion.
  • Natural Resources (445 Capitol)- House Bill 192– Private Property Rights- This bill ensures that property owners are not held liable when trespassers on land injure themselves due to recreational incidents.

For a full list of committees and the rest of the week’s schedule, visiting the 3rd Week Calendar.

Reps in the News:

Freshmen Rep. McKay profiled in the Tribune this morning.