Morning Buzz: February 9, 2012

Can’t believe it’s Thursday already. Here’s what’s on the docket for today.

8 AM: Appropriations Subcommittees-

  • Natural Resources (25 House)- This committee will be discussing Department of Environmental Quality budgets.
  • Public Education (445 Capitol)- The Governor’s budget proposals will be discussed.

10 AM: House Floor time-

  • House Bill 90– Public Meetings during Party Caucus- This bill proposes that no public meetings be held on party caucus days. It would work to increase public participation in the caucus system.
  • House Bill 103– Theft by Deception Amendments- Amends current code expanding language that is involved with scamming others for property.

1:45 PM: Speaker’s Q&A– Streamed live on Facebook.

2 PM: Standing Committees-

  • Revenue and Taxation (445 Capitol)- House Bill 298– Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Amendments- This bill proposes major changes to safety inspections, including repealing the law saying a safety inspection must be completed before registered a vehicle.
  • Political Subdivisions (450 Capitol)- House Bill 216-Political Subdivision Residential Rental Amendments- This proposed bill would allow greater rights to landowners of rental property, including not needing to obtain a business license, in some circumstances.

4 PM: Standing Committees-

  • Education (445 Capitol)- House Bill 363– Health Education Amendments- This proposed bill allows a local school board to adopt abstinence only education.
  • Business and Labor– (450 Capitol)- House Bill 104– Local Highway Authority Regulatory Powers- This bill would allow drivers to idle their cars, and other prohibitions cannot be enforced regarding idling.

For a full list of the committees today, go to the Legislature’s website, where you can also listen live to all the committees.

Reps in the News:

Speaker Lockhart spoke to KSL yesterday regarding another possible bid for the Winter Olympics. “I think we showed as a state that we can do it, that we can host the Games successfully,” she said. “I think we have a great story to tell.”