Morning Buzz: February 9, 2012

This week sure did fly by quick. Here’s your Friday, or at the very least, ours.

8 AM: Appropriations Subcommittees-

  • Business, Economic Development (210 Senate) *This committee begins at 7– This committee will be discussing appropriations to many varying arts and cultural programs across the state.

10 AM: House Floor debate

  • Here’s a link to all the bills on 3rd Reading Calendar, Senate bills up for discussion, and several other options. You can check out each bill from the links there.

1: 45 PM: Speaker’s Q&A

2 PM: Standing Committees-

  • Law Enforcement (25 House)- House Bill 140– Vehicle Checkpoint Amendments- This bill would repeal the ability to conduct vehicle checkpoints to enforce certain laws.
  • Natural Resources (445 Capitol)- House Bill 348– Hazardous Waste Amendments- This bill expands the definition of hazardous waste and establishes a fee for any brought into the state.

For a full look at today’s committees, here’s the 3rd Week calendar. You can also listen live on

By the way, in case you’re wanting to get a head start on next week, here’s the 4th Week schedule.

See you back here on Monday.