Morning Buzz: March 1, 2012

One week. 7 days until the conclusion of this year’s General Session. Here’s what’s going on today.

Floor Time (beginning at 9 AM)

  • Our 3rd Reading Calendar has been sifted, which means all bills were removed from it last night, and all the bills have been prioritized. Here’s a link to the Reading Calendars for what’s on there now.

Here are some highlights from the sifted bills on the Calendar.

  • 1Sub House Bill 354– Alcohol Beverage Amendments- This bill would make changes to the operation of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Here’s a blog post about the bill that was written this past week.
  • House Bill 156– Public Education Program Amendments- This bill eliminates some programs from the public education system in order to ensure the taxpayer’s dollar is spent most efficiently, and where it will be of most use for students.
  • 2Sub House Bill 298– Motor Vehicle Safety Inspections Amendments- This proposal modified the number of safety inspections that are required for a vehicle. This bill was discussed last night, and was circled for later discussion. A blog post about this bill is available here.
  • House Bill 155– Drug Screening for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Recipients-┬áThis bill would require those who receive TANF benefits to submit a written questionnaire to determine the likeliness of a possible recipient of potential substance abuse.

For those of who you who decided not to stay up late with us, here’s a quick recap on what happened.