Daily Buzz: February 17, 2017

Daily Buzz: February 17, 2017

Overview of the Day:

Today marks the twenty-sixth day of the 2017 Legislative Session. The House prayer and pledge were led by guests of Rep. Lowry Snow. The prayer was offered by Rep. Snow’s brother, David Snow. The pledge was also led by Rep. Snow’s intern, Joseph Erickson.

It’s Education Day on the Hill today and representatives are meeting with educators from all over the state to listen to their concerns. As we’re wrapping up this Friday afternoon, the representatives are excited about their three-day-weekend. Happy President’s Day everyone!


Utah’s consensus revenue numbers were released today in cooperation with leaders from the Senate, House of Representatives and the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget.

Revenue estimates for 2017 General Session were $1 million one-time and $284 million ongoing and are now $13 million one-time and $372 million ongoing.

Education Fund revenue is expected to grow by another $22 million one-time in FY2017 and $75 million ongoing for FY2018.

We are pleased that Utah’s economy continues to grow, and with it, so do our General and Education Fund revenues – by 4.6% to nearly $6.3 billion this year and by 5.75% to nearly to $6.6 billion next.

ICYMI: News Updates from the Week

Rep. John Knotwell is moving forward HB 253 to prevent municipalities from regulating short-term rentals. Watch KSL’s coverage of the bill here.

The House and Senate Majority caucuses have begun discussing tax reform this week. Speaker Hughes said, “Look, we can wait a few years and do nothing. We can study this for a few years and basically wait until the growth chart lines between our needs as a state cross our revenue sources production. Or we can get out in front of this thing and act now. I’m for acting now, and so is our House caucus.” Read the rest of the story here.


Tweets of the Day: