Daily Buzz: February 27, 2017

Daily Buzz: February 27, 2017

Overview of the Day:

Today marks the 35th day of the 2017 General Session. The House prayer and pledge were led by guests of Rep. Ed Redd Perry. The prayer was offered by Halima Ali. The pledge was led by Issa Hamud.  

Today, H.B. 442 Alcohol Amendments, was made public. Rep. Wilson has been working with stakeholders to update Utah’s alcohol policies, simplify liquor license categories and provide better training for servers in restaurants and bars and reduce drunk driving and underage drinking. Read the bill here.

Blood Drive:

Rep. Mike Kennedy, Rep. Steve Handy, Sen. Shiozawa and Lt. Gov. Cox hosted a blood drive with the America Red Cross. Blood donations are vital to have a healthy and reliable blood supply. Legislators and interns enjoyed participating and giving back. See more pictures here.




Honoring Dr. Mario R. Capecchi:

During morning floor time, Utah House of Representatives recognized and honored
Mario R. Capecchi, Ph.D. University of Utah School of Medicine, for his extraordinary work in the field of molecular genetics at the University of Utah.

He has had a global impact on the evolution of both molecular biology and genetics-based cancer research. Dr. Capecchi developed revolutionary gene-targeting technology using mice that has contributed to our understanding of and treatments for hundreds of diseases.

Dr. Capecchi’s work earned him the 2007 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and laid the foundation for the development of human monoclonal antibodies as an important new class of targeted medicines used to treat disease.

Dr. Capecchi endured suffering in his early childhood years during the Nazi occupation in his native Italy. There, he lived on the streets for a time after his mother was taken to a concentration camp. The two were eventually able to reunite and immigrate to the U.S.

Thanks to Dr. Capecchi for his 44-year career at the University of Utah that has globally impacted the evolution of the state of Utah that continues to support groundbreaking discoveries around the world.

Tweets of the Day:

Legislative Schedule Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017:

7:30 AM: House Judiciary Committee

7:45 AM: House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee

8:00 AM: House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee

8:00 AM: House Transportation Committee

10:00 AM: House Floor Time

2:00 PM: House Floor Time

4:10 PM: House Political Subdivisions Committee

4:10 PM: House Government Operations Committee

4:10 PM: House Revenue and Taxation Committee

Following afternoon floor time: House Floor Time