Morning Buzz

Good morning and welcome to day 4 of the 2011 General Session. Last night Governor Gary R. Herbert gave the State of the State address, in case you missed it or want to review the text of the speech click here. A few noteworthy lines from the speech:

Therefore, in this legislative session, funding our
children’s education MUST BE OUR NUMBER ONE BUDGET

Our reliance upon traditional fuels is being challenged. Yes, renewable energies such as wind, solar, and geothermal, will play an expanding and important role. However, the “base load”- the very foundation of Utah’s energy-will, most assuredly, be provided by either fossil or nuclear fuels.

If we as a state fail to vigorously fight to protect and defend our rights under the Constitution, those rights will invariably be seized and usurped by the federal government. I remind Washington, we are a state, not a colony, and I assure you, on my watch, Utah will not stand idly by.

* Full video of yesterday’s floor debate including a the designation of the Browning M1911 as the designated state firearm.

* HB199, a bill that will would allow age appropriate advertising on school buses could help cash-strapped schools.

The Legislature’s fiscal analyst estimated that school-bus ads could draw as much as $3.3 million a year to school districts and charter school boards ($750 to $1,500 per bus annually).

* The big news of the day, Rep. Curt Oda makes the Colbert Report’s first installment of “Mr. Smith goes to the State Legislature, then possibly Washington.” Keep your eyes on HB 210 as it goes to committee.