Morning Buzz

This is part of the display in the Capitol Rotunda for John Moses Browning Day.

Oh sure, you could be reading the other roundups, but at some point you’re going to concede that the House is where it’s at anyway and just come crawling back. So start here and in the event you need more links, you can always visit these sites:

* The guys over at the Tribune’s Out of Context
* Bryan Schott’s Utah Policy
* The folks on the other side of the building running the SenateSite.
* The indomitable Holly on the Hill
But enough of the other guys, on to the links!
* Today is Utah’s first John Moses Browning Day. Pack ’em of you got ’em! (Word on the street is that there will be a limited run of 1911s specially designed for the Utah legislative session.)
* The Daily Herald rolls out a two-day investigation of immigration in Utah.
Maria Espinoza and her family are happy here. This is their home, even though, according to the government, they don’t exist. Like more than 100,000 other Utahns, Espinoza is an illegal immigrant.
* The Tribune runs a poll and asks “Are politicians listening?” Our answer is a resounding “Yes” but not so much to polls as to their constituents. Don’t believe us? Check our e-mails, voicemails and mailboxes. If you happen to be one of those constituents who wants to contact your representative, find them here.
* Love him or hate him, Stephen Sandstrom is a force to be reckoned with on immigration. He takes the Trib’s Dave Montero on an airplane ride and makes his case for stateside immigration enforcement.
* The Deseret News tells us that the budget and immigration are the two biggest issues this year. Tied into the budget debate will be two issues that could easily take over the session: public school reform and Medicaid reform. Keep your eyes out for both of those as the weeks roll on.