Morning Buzz

If only someone could, say, come up with a way to save the state $770 million over seven years. Oh, here we go. Sen. Dan Liljenquist and Rep. Dean Sanpei with others show that while everyone else in the nation is running around with their hair on fire, they are calmly fixing major problems.

Immigration bills are getting ready to debut and Rep. Sandstrom’s high-profile enforcement bill comes with a high-profile fiscal note: $713,000 annually for the state and $5.3 million to $11.3 million for local governments. We’ve got a feeling this one is going to get heated. Note: A fiscal note, for the uninitiated is the cost to implement bills should they become laws. If you’re not keen to how bills become laws, do us a favor and spend the next three minutes of your life watching this:

Anyway, on to some links!

* Rep. Menlove’s proposal to have some Medicaid recipients do service is headed to the Senate floor. (Trib)

* Teens are one step closer to not being allowed to use cell phones in cars, you know, for safety. (Herald)

* Rep. Chavez-Houck would like to see caps on campaign finances. That a pretty tall mountain to climb in these parts.

* Given that taxpayer dollars are used to fund a large portion of universities, should students have to pay more for credits they earn above and beyond graduate requirements? (Trib)

* The governor wants the nuclear power debate, so let’s have the debate. Round 1: It takes a LOT of water to run those things. We live in a desert. Ready, fight! (Dnews)