Morning Buzz

Feral Cats and Immigration Reform are being heard in committees at the same time this afternoon. Which one will you choose? We suggest listening to one in each ear and coming to your own conclusions about police using reasonable suspicion to arrest wild felines.

* Meanwhile, Billy at the Herald writes that Democrats claim school funding is “smoke and mirrors.” The majority party respectfully disagrees. We feel it’s more of a shell game in which the students are the shell and you have to guess which one the money is actually under. Confused? It’s 8 a.m., cut us some slack.

* Like that line that used to be funny in that Monte Python movie, the effort to redraw District 57 lines smells of elderberries. No, wait, wrong line. Ah, here we go: “is not dead yet.” (Herald)

* The House voted to do away with the controversial Salt Lake County police fee. The new Republican majority on the county council wants it gone, but they want some time to do it. Say, until the beginning of 2013. (Tribune)

* Rep. Herrod’s optional booster seat bill was unceremoniously dumped in committee yesterday. He’s got his reasons for bringing it back. It’s worth the read. (Dnews)

* New building codes are approved, but the energy saving measures are largely ignored. Rep. Morely has his reasons for wanting the hack. (Tribune)

* Keep scrubbing those dishes, because phosphorus isn’t coming back to dish detergent anytime soon. That’s OK, we don’t mind a little hard work around here. (Tribune)