Morning Buzz

That buzz in the air? That warm, right-down-in-your-stomach feeling? That smile on your face and the desire to hug someone? Nope, not Valentine’s Day. It’s because we’re three weeks down, and three and change to go.

* More than half of Utah adults are overweight or obese, and children are likely to have a shorter life-expectancy than their parents. Might we suggest the firefighters put celery around the Capitol instead of taffy? (Trib)

* Connor Boyack pens (typed, really) an op-ed taking on opposition to a Utah bill sponsored by Rep. Bill Wright that would exempt food grown in Utah from federal laws. Allow us to sum up: In the blue corner, the feds have unlimited power. In the red corner, the feds have very limited power. The red corner has been getting the crap kicked out of it for 70 years or so. (Trib)

* Pignanelli and Webb do their thing. We have to take some exception though, with their list of things to watch: They leave off Medicaid reform, which is a huge issue this year. Rep. Dean Sanpei breaks it down. (Dnews/Herald)

* House and Senate Democrats are keen on Gov. Gary Herbert’s budget, though they’d like to see more than $50 million in new funding go toward education. (Herald)

* A certain reporter at the Tribune who shall remain nameless (oh fine, it’s Gehrke) takes on Rep. Ken Ivory’s line-in-the-sand bill, pointing out that in its original form, it wouldn’t have taken into account all the amendments past the 12th. A standing committee added that language in, which brings us to a very important point: Process matters. Bills get changed, fixed, altered, shortened, lengthened and neutered all the time. It’s all part of the terrifyingly beautiful government we’re all a part of. Don’t like what you see? Get involved. Here’s a list of representatives. Unless you live in one of the other 49 states, 14 territories, or 1 district that make up the United States, one of those folks belongs to you. Let them know how you feel.